Why we are here

Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs provides support to family members and friends who have been affected by the substance misuse of a relative or loved one, and raises awareness of the issues affecting them.

We are the hub of a network of family support groups across Scotland and provide information and support through this website and our helpline.

We started as a grassroots organisation in 2003 when families expressed their desire to become a united force to raise awareness of the difficulties they face. We are a membership organisation. Family members account for more than two thirds of our membership. We are a company limited by guarantee and we are governed by a voluntary board of directors.


Our vision is for a Scotland which recognises the role played by and supports the needs of families and communities affected by substance misuse.


To support families across Scotland who are affected by  alcohol and drugs misuse, and raise awareness of the issues affecting them.

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There are at least 134,000 adults in Scotland significantly affected by problematic drug use in their family (UKDPC Families of Drug Users 2009). Family members report feeling isolated, stressed, stigmatised and guilty. Clearly family members need support and services in their own right.

Increased chance of recovery

It has been shown that the involvement of family members can aid the recovery process of those who misuse alcohol or drugs. For example, studies in America have shown that recovery from addiction is more achievable with the help of a supportive family network. In order to provide support to recovering drug users, families themselves need to be supported.

Financial benefit

It is of financial benefit to provide services to family members. A UK Drugs Policy Commission policy report, 'Supporting the supporters: families of drug misuers' from 2009 report estimates that each family member can save the NHS and local authorities £3,935 through the family member providing free ‘services’ such as social care.