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Funeral Funding Advice

Loosing a loved one is a stressful time for families and in particular when looking at arranging a funeral. You may have never had to arrange a funeral and are unsure of how to find the finances to cover it leading to unnecessary expensive costs.

There are key points to remember;

There is generally no reason to hurry

If you’re able, take the time you need to create a meaningful tribute to the person who has died, and for the family, friends and colleagues involved.

Look at all the sources of money available

Funeral costs can lead to debt, but you may be able to access state funds, charitable grants, affordable credit, and support from friends and family.

It’s your choice

There is no legal requirement to hire a funeral director, have the person who died embalmed, or to buy a coffin or hire a hearse.

Shop around or go DIY

Funerals can be expensive and prices between funeral directors vary enormously, so get several itemised quotes – you could save a lot of money. There’s no legal requirement to employ a funeral director, and a DIY funeral is also possible.

Make it meaningful

You can create a unique and personal ceremony without overspending. Consider any funerals you have attended in the past, and what made them memorable. Words, music and actions can be far more powerful than expensive cars or coffins.


Funeral Advice Organisations

If you live in low income Down to Earth can help you sort out a funeral and avoid debt and distress.

They listen to your wishes and work with you to arrange a funeral you can afford, that is meaningful to you.

They will help you consider the available choices and support you with practical problems.

They can support you to compare funeral directors costs.

They clarify your financial situation and help give guidance on funds available to help pay for a funeral.  They do not provide grants however can help you find money that you may be entitled to from other sources.

They have produced a handy guide to PLANNING AN AFFORDABLE FUNERAL.

Contact them today to see how they can support you.

Helpline - 020 8983 5055

Email -

Helpline is available 0900-1700 hours Monday to Friday.  If there is no answer leave a message and they aim to respond to your message within one working day.