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Ref 014 - West Glasgow Grandparent Support Group

West Glasgow Grandparent Carers Support Group (WGGSG) meets every two weeks on Thursday Mornings 10am-12pm at Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre. Meetings are non denominational and are open to all Kinship Carers in the West Glasgow area. For further information please contact the above number.

What do we do?


We are a group of grandparent’s and extended family members (Kinship Carers) who set up as a group in an attempt to make things easier for all people in our situation here in the West. Our members may or may not have formal guardianship of the children/young people but all are the main carers.

Our aims are to:

  • Benefit children in our care
  • Make changes for carers
  • Organise social activities
  • Provide each other with confidence and mutual support

The advantages of Kinship Care are that this allows children and young people to live with people they know and trust and so enables children and young people to maintain family relationships and identity.

Contact them

Address: Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre,
64 Balmoral Street, ,
Glasgow ,
G14 0BL

Telephone: 07950 229 384



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