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Supporting recovery

Recovery is a journey which is different for each individual

There is no set definition of alcohol or drugs recovery. For some, recovery equals being alcohol or drug-free. Other people might consider recovery to be achieving important goals such as better health; access to housing, education or employment opportunities; rebuilding family ties; and creating support networks.

Those addicted to heroin may consider themselves to be in recovery once they are on a substitute programme, even though their long-term goal could be total abstinence.

Peer support

Peer recovery services provide support to those in recovery and help to reduce the likelihood of relapse. They compliment clinical treatment services and also provide support once the treatment has ended.

The family and recovery

People in recovery need the support of others. Families play a big part in making recovery a reality. Family members need to recover too. Read more on our recovery works section.

The Scottish Recovery Consortium promotes the recovery of individuals, family members and communities from drug problems and addiction.