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When a person is misusing alcohol or drugs they can become violent

 Alcohol or drugs misuse does not cause domestic violence, although it can be a contributing factor.

If a relative or friend becomes violent they may use their alcohol or drug use as an excuse for their behaviour. Even if they genuinely don’t remember what they did, they are still responsible for their own behaviour.

Even if the violent person seeks help for their alcohol or drugs misuse, the violence may not stop straight away. The violence may actually increase during detoxification and treatment.

Taking control

You are not responsible for the violence you experience, so do not accept blame for it.

If the alcohol or drug user’s behaviour is threatening you or other family members it is imperative that you are able to find a way to let the user know this is not acceptable.

You and your family have the right to feel safe in your own home. Your personal safety and that of other family members must be a priority, and in some circumstances this may mean having to put the alcohol or drug user out of the family home.

Help and support is available for you and other family members.  In an emergency contact the police on 999.