Tips to Boost your Sponsorship

1) Set up an online fundraising page as soon as possible. Your event will come around quicker than you think, so get started and leave yourself lots of time.

2) Build momentum. It is a strange but true fact that people are more likely to give once your sponsorship is already on its way. Get the ball rolling by asking people who are most likely to sponsor you (your mum, your best friend, your partner) first, and then once you have some donations on your page, get sharing on social media and watch the donations come rolling in.

3) Keep updating your followers on social media. Pictures and short updates about how you are feeling as the big day approaches will keep your supporters interested.

4) Tell everyone at work what you are up to - including your boss! Your company may be in a position to match the donations you collect, or your boss may even be willing to give a donation to help you reach your goal. 

5) Don't forget to say thanks! An online thank you, every time you receive a donation will make your supporters feel great. It will also serve as a timely remind to those who have yet to give.

6) Don't underestimate the power of paper! We can accept donations in cash, so make sure you carry your paper sponsor forms everywhere you go so you can ask your friends, family and colleagues for sponsorship when you see them. 

7) Do give a big tick. Whether collecting sponsors in person or online remind your donors to tick the box for Gift Aid. A simple way to add 25% on to your donation for no extra cost to them or to you! 

8) Enjoy yourself! You are doing an amazing thing and everyone at Scottish Families is cheering you on!