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It is important to realise that you are not responsible for your loved one's alcohol or drugs misuse. Read more »
Take the time to help yourself and you will be in a better postion to help your loved one. Read more »
Simple advice for dealing with things such as imprisonment of a loved one, violence and conflict. Read more »
Stigma has serious repercussions. There are things we can all do to overcome it. Read more »


Talking to your loved one can be a great support to them. Being well informed can make the conversation easier. Read more »
Treatment can help your relative come of alcohol or drugs. You can play a part in helping them through this challenging time. Read more »
Harm reduction services aim to reduce alcohol and drug-related deaths and the spread of blood borne viruses. Read more »
After treatment comes recovery. This can be a long process. Family and peer support can be vital. Read more »


Call our free and confidential helpline today for information, advice or simply to talk. Read more »
Meet up with people who are experiencing, or have experienced, similar things. Find a group »
Find your nearest group, support service or treatment contact using our service finder. Find local services »
Scottish organisations that provide support to family members and substance misusers. Read more »


Featured News

Stop criminalising drug users

Posted: 16-06-2016

Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) leads call for measure backed by more than half of the public.

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Alcohol Data Highlights the Need for Minimum Unit Pricing

Posted: 25-05-2016

Alcohol sales data released today highlights an increase in home drinking amongst people in Scotland

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Latest News

Study reports a strong link between alcohol and cancer

Posted: 22-07-2016

AHA have released a statement on the study published in the Addiction journal today.

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Scottish Health Professionals welcome new report from Edinburgh University Law School, backing Scottish Government’s Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing case

Posted: 07-07-2016

As the Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) court case returns to the Court of Session on 7th and 8th July, SHAAP (Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems), welcomes a new academic study which strongly supports the moral and legal validity of this Public Health measure.

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News release and open letter on minimum alcohol pricing: Public health must prevail over big business

Posted: 04-07-2016

As the alcohol minimum pricing court case continues this week, public health and charity leaders have come together to reaffirm their support for the life-saving measure.

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FASS receives funding to support families in Glasgow

Posted: 29-06-2016

FASS receives funding for a Volunteer Group Co-Ordinator and to deliver Family Peer Naloxone Training.

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Angela Constance recognises important part that 3rd Sector play in supporting communities

Posted: 25-05-2016

Angela Constance New Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Social Security highlights that the third sector plays a crucial role in tackling inequalities, supporting people and communities.


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ABCD Learning Lunch No2

Posted: 18-05-2016

Topic of this learning lunch is What Makes a Community?

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EMCDDA Drug Survey

Posted: 16-05-2016

The EMCDDA is currently undertaking a survey to estimate the size of the drug market in the EU.  UK Survey now live!

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