Recovery journey

Recovery is possible, for the alcohol or drug user and for their family

People with substance misuse problems can and do recover and go on to lead healthy and full lives. Family members can play a role in this. Research has shown that recovery from alcohol & drug addiction is more achievable with the help of a supportive family network.

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Families need to recover too

In order to be in the best position to help your loved one recover from their substance misuse, you need to be receiving support in your own right.

We know that trying to support a loved one who is misusing substances can be stressful. Our members talk of experiencing stress, guilt, stigma and shame. Many feel depressed, anxious and isolated. But just as a alcohol or drug user can recover from their addiction, so their families can recover too.

Throughout this website we offer information and advice to support you in your own recovery journey. For example you can learn about coping techniques, join a support group, find out about other local services or contact our helpline.


In a recent survey of our members, nearly 30 per cent of respondents did not have any contact with their relative. And that is ok. Family members who are not directly supporting their relative still need their own recovery and can benefit from things such as counselling or joining a family support group.

When asked what had been the most help in their recovery journey, one of our members said, ‘coming to the realisation for myself that I cannot change her [substnace misusing relative’s] behaviour and need to detach myself from the situation.’

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