Jackie’s story

Read Jackie's recovery story

‘I started going to the family support group at LEAP about a year ago. Within six weeks of attending the group, I realised how long my life had been affected by alcohol for, which sounds crazy as I don’t drink.

'I am now 51 and I can go back in my mind to when I was 8, my earliest memory was of alcohol being taken by many of my family members. A lot of nasty things happened to me when I was growing up and most of them were alcohol-related. By the time I was 20 I was on sleeping tablets and anti-depressants.

Taking back control

‘Going along to LEAP made me realise how much my life was being controlled by family members’ addictions. I soon understood I could not change my loved ones - so I set about changing myself. I started by putting responsibilities back on to who and where they belonged. Just doing things like that has made a huge difference and I am starting to take back control of my life. I am no longer on medication, which I had been on for 30 years.

I soon understood I could not change my loved ones - so I set about changing myself

‘I feel that by attending the family support group on a regular basis I am starting to understand why people abuse themselves with substances. This has been a positive learning process for me. The support I have received from all the group members is a very heart warming experience, especially knowing that I am not alone.

'By sharing our experiences I am now in a position where I can deal with issues that arise for me in a more positive way. Life doesn’t seem so pointless for me now – the family group is my crutch.’