A Learning Alliance in Canada – Drug use within the family

The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) in Canada has funded the Families and Substances Use Treatment project to identify and conduct research on family and caregiver-centered approaches to treatment and support for drug problems. Together, we will emphasize research and knowledge translation activities aimed at reducing stigma and inequalities for those with drug problems and their families, by improving inclusion and family/caregiver centered approaches to drug treatment and care.

The research project includes researchers, service providers, family and caregiver group representatives from Canada and Scotland.  The research will be participatory, multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral, and includes the creation of a learning alliance. The focus of the learning alliance is to identify and promote evidence-informed changes to policy and practice that will better support people with drug problems, by better-supporting parents, families, and caregivers at all stages of the treatment and care process.

Contact person in Scotland: Dr. Anne Whittaker, University of Stirling, Anne.Whittaker@stir.ac.uk
Or you can contact us at Scottish Families and we can support: info@sfad.org.uk 

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