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Scottish Families always have news to share. Every day we deliver our services, attend events, work on campaigns, and speak with family members. Here is all the latest news from our team and our work. Find out more news on our Facebook page.

Scottish Greens Call for Action to Protect Children from Alcohol Marketing

The Scottish Greens have added their support to Alcohol Focus Scotland’s campaign to end alcohol marketing in childhood. The #alcoholfreekids campaign is also endorsed by children’s charities, health groups, NHS boards, local Alcohol and Drug Partnerships, and more than 30 MSPs. Alcohol advertising is ever-present in the lives of our children and young people, whether […]

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135,000 Alcohol Related Cancer Deaths Predicted by 2035

ALCOHOL will cause around 135,000 cancer deaths over the next 20 years and will cost the NHS an estimated £2 billion in treatments, according to estimates from a new report by Sheffield University, commissioned by Cancer Research UK. The new figures, published today, reveal that by 2035 the UK could see around 7,100 cancer deaths […]

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Scotlands Alcohol Campaigners Criticise Arrogant Scotch Whisky Association For Appealing Minimum Pricing

Alcohol Focus Scotland and SHAAP say the Scotch Whisky Association’s intention to appeal the Court of Session ruling on minimum pricing for alcohol “beggars belief” and shows they only care about the profits of their member companies. Alison Douglas, Chief Executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland said: “This is truly shocking and saddening news. In appealing […]

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UK ‘Cheap Alcohol’ report prompts SHAAP demands for action

A report published yesterday by the Alcohol Health Alliance (AHA), “Cheap alcohol: the price we pay”, provides evidence that alcohol can be purchased for as little as 18p per unit in Scotland (3L ‘White Ace’ cider). The Court of Session’s final decision, expected to support the legality of the Scottish Government’s Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) […]

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My Diary – a new resource to support children affected by imprisonment

The experience of having a mother, father, brother, sister, other family relative or even a friend go to prison can be incredibly traumatic for a child. Families Outside works with children and families affected by imprisonment across Scotland and has done so for the last 25 years.  With our awareness of the difficulties these often marginalised […]

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Support available in North Aberdeenshire

Recovery Week in Aberdeenshire was held from 12th-17th September with plenty of fun and informative activities to enjoy. To make recovery visible during this week and beyond, the ADP North community forum film project produced several video clips about the support available in North Aberdeenshire. Individuals were also interviewed about what recovery means to them. […]

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