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Scottish Families always have news to share. Every day we deliver our services, attend events, work on campaigns, and speak with family members. Here is all the latest news from our team and our work. Find out more news on our Facebook page.

Study reports a strong link between alcohol and cancer

Colin Shevills from Alcohol Health Alliance said: “This important review reinforces the need for the public to be made aware of the causal link between alcohol and cancer. Research shows that only around 1 in 10 people are currently aware of the alcohol-cancer link. People have the right to know about the impact of alcohol […]

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Scottish Health Professionals welcome new report from Edinburgh University Law School, backing Scottish Government’s Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing case

The new study, by Dr. Adrianna Andreangeli, Making markets work in the interest of public health: the case of the Alcohol (Minimum Pricing) (Scotland) Act 2012, draws on the experience of a number of Canadian provinces that shows that minimum unit pricing may well be the most effective tool to address the health-related and social […]

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News release and open letter on minimum alcohol pricing: Public health must prevail over big business

In an open letter, they outline the devastating effects of cheap, strong alcohol: people’s health irreparably damaged; unhappy childhoods and families torn apart; drunkenness and disorder on the streets and in homes; young men with life-changing injuries from drunken assaults; all of this creating a huge, avoidable burden on our GPs, hospitals and emergency services. […]

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FASS receives funding to support families in Glasgow

Family Addiction Support Service (FASS) announced today that they have received funding from the Big Lottery and Glasgow Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP). FASS is a Glasgow based service offering confidential support to family members affected by a loved one’s drug or alcohol problems. The Big Lottery has awarded FASS 5 year funding for a […]

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Stop criminalising drug users

For further information and interviews contact: Ed Morrow, PR & Campaigns Manager, RSPH / 020 7265 7326 / 07464 925 438 Stop criminalising drug users RSPH leads call for measure backed by more than half of the public Two of the UK’s leading public health organisations – the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and […]

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Alcohol Data Highlights the Need for Minimum Unit Pricing

Alcohol sales data released today highlights an increase in home drinking amongst people in Scotland. Today’s MESAS update shows almost three-quarters of alcohol being sold in supermarkets in 2015 with over half of all alcohol sold at less than the 50p – the minimum unit price proposed by Scottish Government legislation in 2012. The availability […]

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