Advocacy Skills Development for Families

We are looking for a panel of family members to be course advisors for our new Advocacy Skills Development course! You will help us create a programme families can work through to learn and develop skills to increase their knowledge and understanding of their Rights.  In turn, this can help families advocate on behalf of themselves or their loved ones.

Course advisors will be required to attend the equivalent of 4 panel days across a 3 month period from July to September 2022, likely online. Course advisors will shape the planning, delivery and evaluation of the program. In recognition of how significant these roles are; we are offering course advisors a £50 donation per day (£25 per half-day) that they support the project as well as any travel expenses if we meet in person.

Together we will develop sessions for families that will help them:

  • Understand their Rights and their loved one’s Rights
  • Feel more empowered to use their voice in order for their Rights to be upheld
  • Gain knowledge of the role of advocacy and how to advocate on behalf of themselves or others
  • Have the opportunity to help develop an advocacy service with Scottish Families
  • Have the opportunity to have a paid placement in the Scottish Families Advocacy Service

Interested? Fill in your application here!

For further information please contact  07340732517

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