Alcohol Awareness Week

Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs will mark this year’s alcohol  awareness week by featuring an alcohol briefing each day to help explore the impact of alcohol on health and society. 

We will set out the facts from most recent evidence base, highlight key concerns for individual health and society and highlight how you can get support for yourself or those you care for. Throughout the week we will also  explore ways you can get involved in reducing harm and promoting sustainable recovery.

  • MondayWhy raise awareness? Setting out Scottish policy context and current statistics on alcohol
  • TuesdayCan we really have an alcohol free day? Exploring the availability, price and marketing of alcohol
  • Wednesdaylet’s get physical – What is it the true impact of alcohol on individual health and well-being?
  • Thursday Drinking to be sociable – what is the societal cost and impact of problematic alcohol use in Scotland?
  • FridayChanging the relationship with alcohol – how can families and communities support change?

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