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Here you can find a selection of personal stories from people who have experienced trauma through a family member’s involvement in drugs or alcohol.

If you have had experiences with alcohol or drug issues and would like to add your own story to our blog – we’d be happy to hear from – please contact

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For years I thought nobody knew my daughter was using drugs

For years I thought nobody knew my daughter was using drugs. She was addicted to Heroin for 4 years before I found out and I was doing a great job in keeping her safe how would other people know. Little did I know that everybody in our village knew. When Karen started to use Valium […]

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Recovery Stories – Derek

Hi my name is Derek, I first started taking drugs at the age of 12 year old back in my hometown Dundee, I started experimenting with drugs like solvents, cannabis, alcohol and ecstasy in my teenage years before quickly progressing on to drugs like diazepam and temazepam, before eventually being introduced to heroin around the […]

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Kiltwalk Story

When Christina walked into her Scottish Families support group on a Monday morning, she didn’t expect to be asked, ‘would you like to walk 23 miles with us?’ Christina said: “I knew about the Kiltwalk but I never dreamed I would take part. It wasn’t easy, but every step was worth it. I would definitely […]

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Lynne Wandrum Forth Valley Family Support Development Officer

I started with SFAD in November 2017, stealing the “New Girl” Title from Justina. I plan on clinging onto it for as long as I can and many of my sentences begin or end with … I’m not sure about that, because I’m new … suppose that might wear a bit thin soon … but […]

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Emily – A Volunteers Story

I was first attracted to volunteer with SFAD due to the nature of the work; helping individuals through an experience which I have personal experience with. Further, it was an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience related to the master course I wish to apply for. However, since starting volunteering for SFAD in July, I […]

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Amirah – A Volunteers Story

Volunteering provides a platform where I get to experience real life situations that would not be possible anywhere else. I encounter the reality of alcohol and drug use and how this can impact and change family life. By giving emotional and listening support to callers, I am able to give them reassurance and bring some […]

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Justina Murray – CEO

I was thinking about writing this blog (being not quite the right generation to blog without pause and reflection), and in particular how to summarise ‘a day in the life’ when no two days (and sometimes no two hours) are even remotely the same. So here is an average day, if there is such a […]

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Sarah Nottingham – Fundraising Manager

I am the Fundraising Manager for Scottish Families, this means I look for money from all kinds of sources; collecting cans, events, donations from individuals, companies, runs, walks, trusts and grants – big or small all amounts are appreciated! People often say my job must be hard but actually I am blown away by how […]

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Scott Clements – Head of All Programmes

I have now been with Scottish Families for over 6 years … I can’t believe how quickly time goes by! I have had the opportunity to be involved in many areas of the work of the organisation including answering helpline calls, supporting the team delivering family support and delivering training to the workforce and family […]

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Rebecca Bradley – Communications Officer

You would think with Communications Officer being my job title I’d find writing a blog about myself easy, but nope, probably one of the hardest things I’ve been asked to do so far in this job (and I have been asked to do quite a lot of things!) I could say that in my role […]

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