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We encourage everyone to share their personal stories of their experiences with alcohol and drugs including families, friends, people in recovery and if you are a person who works in the alcohol or drugs field. You can do this by sending us a blog and we will publish it on our website for others to read and see.

Telling your story can help both yourself and the people who read it to understand and to find comfort if they are going through a similar thing.  We will use your story to raise awareness through our website and social media platforms.  These stories will be kept anonymous, however, if you would like to be more involved with sharing your story through other outlets, please leave your contact details when you message us.

It’s easy to share your story on our website – email us at

Maggie's RIF Trip

Maggie’s RIF Trip

A few months back, myself and 10 others from the East Dunbartonshire Family Support Group spent two nights away from our families. We went to a beautiful and luxurious big house set in lovely grounds. It was a chance for us all to get away to spend time together relaxing and doing things we would […]

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From a family member: see the person, not the addiction

So today (15/08/2017), numbers were released that stated the number of deaths that were recorded due to drugs in 2016. A bunch of numbers, the highest we’ve seen in a while apparently. My mother fell under that count. On the 12th of April 2016, 10 days after my little boy’s 1st birthday, we lost her. […]

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