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We encourage everyone to share their personal stories of their experiences with alcohol and drugs including families, friends, people in recovery and if you are a person who works in the alcohol or drugs field. You can do this by sending us a blog and we will publish it on our website for others to read and see.

Telling your story can help both yourself and the people who read it to understand and to find comfort if they are going through a similar thing.  We will use your story to raise awareness through our website and social media platforms.  These stories will be kept anonymous, however, if you would like to be more involved with sharing your story through other outlets, please leave your contact details when you message us.

It’s easy to share your story on our website – email us at

A Day in the Life of Claire Wadsworth – SFAD

Claire Wadsworth Family Support Development Officer, East Dunbartonshire I am without doubt the dinosaur of Scottish Families; I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never been on ‘Twitter’ or ‘Facebook’, even my 93-year-old granny puts me to shame as she taps away effortlessly on her iPad (her favourite 90th birthday present!) So you can imagine my dismay […]

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