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COVID-19 (coronavirus) is impacting our lives in a big way right now. Many of us are getting used to being indoors, learning new ways to connect with each other and having a new routine. But being indoors all the time is having an impact on some of the families we support who are impacted by someone else’s alcohol or other drug use. Families are meeting new challenges every day and are doing what they can to look after themselves and to keep their loved ones safe. It can be a very isolating time for many people.

We want to make sure families are supported and connected which is why we are starting a letter writing project, so that families can share messages of support with each other through this difficult time.

How it works:

Step One: If you are affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol use we invite you to participate by completing the questions and writing your letter using the link below.

Don’t forget to leave your email so that we can pass on a letter to you.

Step Two: In return for your letter you will receive a letter of support and encouragement via email from another person who is also affected by someone else’s substance use at this time.

*Please note: both the letters you send and receive will be anonymous. You will not know who receives your letter or who wrote the letter you receive. In some cases your letter may be sent to more than one person.

If you wish to send and receive more than one letter feel free to repeat the process!

Why should I get involved?

It feels good to be kind and you deserve some kindness too!

No one should feel alone right now (including you!) and a little letter from someone in a similar situation can give someone a much needed boost in what is a very difficult time.

Your letter will mean a lot to someone else and we hope you’ll take something from the letter you receive in return.

Write your letter here

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