Exploring Stigma and the Power of Kindness

We are hosting conversations in communities across Scotland to think specifically about how communities can challenge the stigma around substance use. We look at the role that stigma can play in our lives, in our families and communities and hear about different ways we might encounter that, and we share the science behind the power of kindness and how it can help to address stigma.  These workshops create opportunities for everyone to share ideas and actions for change. We hope each event will bring people together to explore the potential to support change from harmful use of alcohol or drugs to increased health, wellbeing and social connection.

We are hosting these workshops nationally and regionally.  Are you interested in taking part?  Are you interested in partnering with us to bring this workshop to your local community? Contact richard@sfad.org.uk to discuss.

We have put together resources and further reading below. We hope you find them useful.

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