Love Makes You Family

Welcome to our Love Makes You Family webpage. Here you will find some information about the project, our animation and our discussion guide – a tool that you can use to host workshops or discussions about what ‘family’ means in your communities.

The aims of ‘Love Makes You Family’

  • To communicate that Scottish Families supports anyone affected by someone else’s substance use and to embrace an expansive and inclusive definition of family
  • To start constructive conversations that shine a light on the people and families who are under-represented in communities and services, and identify opportunities to work together to address this
  • To grow partnerships and identify opportunities to stand beside each other to create socially just communities and services that value families in all their diverse forms

Our Animation

Our animation celebrates families from all walks of life, structures and backgrounds. It promotes a broad and inclusive definition of family, encouraging us to appreciate the many forms that family can take.

The Love Makes You Family videos were animated and produced by SUMM.Studio.

Discussion Guide

We want communities across Scotland to benefit from the Love Makes You Family animation and the message behind it. We have created this discussion guide as a tool that you can use to host a conversation about what family means to you and your communities.

In the guide, we outline everything you need to start your own discussion event. It doesn’t have to be formal and you don’t have to have experience facilitating or hosting community conversations to do it. If you’re interested in having a discussion in a group or community that you are part of, our advice is to go for it!

If you would prefer to work alongside us to co-host a discussion together or if you’d like us to attend your event, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with

Here are some ideas of who you could host a discussion with:

      • Your friends or family
      • Your local support group/family support group
      • Your local recovery community
      • Your workplace
      • People you know from your place of worship (eg. Mosque, Church, Synagogue, Temple, etc).
      • People in supported accommodation
      • Your parent group
      • Your youth group/service
      • Your community centre
      • Your school community (ie: with students, teaching staff or your Parent Teacher Association)
      • A third sector organisation

*This is not an exhaustive list so feel free to host your discussion with any group or community that you are a part of.

Download Discussion Guide

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