Together in the Distance

Art project design

Many parents, children and individuals are being creative to keep themselves busy whilst we #StayInTheHoose. Drawing can be a great way to relax and spend quality time with each other. We want to celebrate this and make the most of what people are doing to connect through art. We would like people across Scotland to send us a drawing of themselves that we can feature in a collective art project.

What do I do?

Draw yourself in any format with any materials or whatever you like/have in the house – you can use pencils, felt-tip pens, chalk or whatever you have at hand. All we ask is for you to be as creative, colourful and fun with your characters as possible.


What happens next?

When we have everyone’s pictures, they will be arranged into a series of art works, paintings and collages. We will share these online and, beyond the current circumstances, they will be launched as an exhibition and celebration of communities. Everyone participating (and featured in the paintings) will be invited to join us at the exhibition to try and find themselves in the artwork.



Step by step

  1. Draw yourself (as a full person!)
  2. Send us a photo of your drawing to either or text to 07444413866
  3. Tell us your name, age and location (if you want to be named) – we want people to be credited for their art, but you can send anonymously if you prefer
  4. Optional – if you don’t want to draw you can still take part by sharing a short story or example of kindness and connection that you have seen/experienced or carried out during this challenging time
  5. Please have your drawings to us no later than 15th May 2020!


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