Merry Caremas Day 5 – Support Us / Fundraising

Merry Carema

You don’t need me to tell you that Christmas is traditionally a time for charitable giving. I am sure that you will have seen adverts on TV, read posts on social media, received letters or maybe even had a knock at the door from charities of all sizes looking for a bit of extra support this Christmas.

As someone who has dedicated their career to raising money and making sure it gets spent doing amazing things, I know how important this support is. Charitable donations of all sizes really do make a big difference. But I also know that we all have causes that are close to our hearts. Why we choose to support certain charities is very personal and often nothing to do with a slick marketing campaign.

This Christmas we decided to focus on sharing real family stories and opinions. Christmas can be a wonderful time but for many families, and for many reasons, Christmas can also be a difficult, sad or a stressful time. I really hope you enjoy reading our posts throughout December. If you are not looking forward to Christmas know that you are not alone and so many other families are going through the same thing.

As a fundraiser, it is my job to tell you to donate to Scottish Families to keep our work going. And I do really want you to donate, every time we receive a donation I do a little happy dance as I know it is going to make our job supporting as many families as possible easier. But there are many ways you can support our work.

Sarah, Fundraising Manager for Scottish Families

How you can help

Like, share and comment on our social media – your opinion matters and we really want to know we are getting it right! When you like and comment on our posts it also helps more people see them, helping us reach new families that may need our help.

Spread awareness of our helpline and other services – as a small charity we have a very limited budget for promotion and we need your help. Do you know somewhere that can display our leaflets or promote our services online?

Sign up for our newsletter – we need your voice. Stay up to date with our campaigns, our events, our stance on policy and how you can help shape what we do. Our newsletter comes out every couple of months and is the best way to stay in touch.

And finally, if you can, please make a donation!

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