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    Hi there,

    I am married and my sister in law has been addicted to heroin. She has gone down a slippery slope since I have known her (7 years) she has a child who has since been placed into foster care as she cannot look after her. I live in another country so its difficult to find out the truth. We have given her thousands of pounds and paid drug debts. I even went as far as being able to get her a job in a factory which she lost in one week. She is now back on Universal credit and literally does not have a pot to pee in. We are consistently on a bi daily basis being hit with messages that she will kill herself or shoplift if we do not give her money. We offer to buy her food (online) and that is never good enough. At the moment we are getting messages every few days. She promises that she is clean, but I have no way of knowing or believing her…..dont know what to do anymore……

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