Your donations and fundraising efforts help us reach and support families across Scotland

We are Scotland’s leading charity for families affected by alcohol and drugs. We are there for families where they need us, providing support and helping with confidence, mental health, communication, and linking into local support services. Every year we support family members across the whole of Scotland and from all walks of life.

Your support makes a big difference to families:

  • £5 could ensure a family member is heard, helping us provide our helpline.
  • £10 could provide a safe meeting space, bringing families together in their community.
  • £20 could give a mother time back for herself, helping us provide a one-to-one support session.
  • £40 could comfort a father who has lost his son, helping us provide bereavement counselling.
  • £50 could give a young person a break, helping us provide a day of respite and time away from substance use at home.
  • £100 could help a family campaign for change, helping us continue our courses for families on advocacy, recovery and stigma.

We give a sincere thank you to everyone who supports our work and helps us reach more families in Scotland.

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