We have many volunteering roles at Scottish Families

Helpline Volunteering

Our helpline service is a vital service to family members and friends in Scotland. We will train volunteers in call-handling skills and alcohol and drug awareness. Our helpline volunteers answer calls, online webchats and speak to people in our online community chat room including responding to posts on our message boards on our website.

Our helpline runs from 9am-11pm Monday to Friday and we run a call-back service over the weekend. There is flexibility in the hours you can volunteer depending on the demands of our service and your own time.

Volunteering for our helpline can be done from the comfort of your own home. Our requirements are:

  • Either PC or laptop access at home (tablets are not suitable)
  • Internet access at home
  • Landline or mobile to receive calls on
  • Advanced digital skills ability to engage in online interactions, use Microsoft office and have access to an email account
  • Excellent English both written and verbal
  • 2 years substance free (if you have previously been a person who has experienced problems using substances. If you have a family member who has experienced problems using substances that individual needs to be 2 years substance free).
  • Drug and alcohol knowledge
  • Experience of studying/training/volunteering/working in health and social care, mental health, addiction or trauma support services/organisations
  • Understanding of data protection
  • Able to attend a training session in Glasgow City Centre (half day duration, travel expenses not provided)

If you are interested in this volunteering role please contact our Helpline Development Officer Suzie Gallagher suzanne@sfad.org.uk who will send you an information/application pack.

Help with our fundraising

Fundraising events help us raise money and raise the profile of our charity. With only one paid member of fundraising staff, volunteer fundraisers make a huge difference to the number of events we can hold and attend, and make a vital contribution. Can you help?

Fundraising Event Organiser

Fundraising Volunteer

Fundraising Assistant

Media volunteer

Our media volunteers speak to journalists about their experiences of being a family member or friend who is impacted by someone else’s alcohol or drug use. Experiences may include: alcohol, drugs, mental health, stigma, recovery, and bereavement.

Speaking to the media is an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues family and friends face when someone they care about is using alcohol or drugs. It gives the opportunity to raise these issues to the public and to show what living with someone who uses alcohol and drugs is ‘really like’. It lets families tell their own real life stories rather than being ‘represented’ by others.

You can get involved in:

  • Providing your story for Scottish Families to use – in writing, as an audio recording or video recording
  • In an interview with a newspaper reporter
  • On a live or pre-recorded radio interview
  • On a live or pre-recorded TV interview

Read our Media Volunteer description below and if you are interested fill in an application form and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

Media Volunteer Role Description

Media Volunteer Application Form

Your privacy

We collect personal information from you when apply to be one of our volunteers. Full details can be read in our Volunteer Policy Notice.

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