Give the Gift of Hope this Christmas

For many, the holiday season is a festive one; full of joy, gifts and gatherings with family and friends.  Unfortunately, for families affected by alcohol and drugs it is a time of heightened stress, anxiety and fear.  Family members are plagued with worry as they silently await the decisions of their loved one.

Thoughts of a Mother affected by alcohol misuse, who is also a Grandmother & Kinship Carer:

“He has worked so hard to get to this point, but what will happen at Christmas?  Will he pick up the bottle?  If he goes to his work Christmas party there will be booze everywhere.  What will he do?  What will I tell his children if he shows up stinking of booze?  I want my grandchildren to love their father and share Christmas with him.  He is more than the drink.  If he does show up drunk again what should I do?  I want the children to have nice memories of Christmas with their father, but if he shows up drunk I can’t have him around and then my grandchildren will have a lonely Christmas without their father.   It will all work out if he just doesn’t touch the bottle.  I hope he doesn’t touch the bottle.”
Similar thoughts amongst families affected by alcohol and drugs run on repeat throughout the festive season.  Family members affected by alcohol and drugs travel the journey of recovery with their loved ones.  They ride a roller coaster of ups and downs and brace themselves for the aftermath of holiday cheer.

What family members affected by substance misuse fail to recognise is the deterioration of their own health and wellbeing.  They strive to support their loved one misusing substances and to keep the family together without giving any thought to their own needs.

We need your help to support family members affected by alcohol and drugs survive the holiday season and begin a new year filled with hope.

The Scottish Families Helpline is the only confidential helpline dedicated to families affected by alcohol and drugs and is one of the few support services available during the holiday season.  Your donation will support our staff and volunteers as they dedicate their time to family members who feel isolated, afraid and mentally exhausted.

With your support we will give family members hope as we connect them with family support groups committed to improving their health and wellbeing.   In a safe environment family members will strengthen relationships, re-build confidence, and gain a feeling of personal satisfaction as they realise they are not alone in their struggle.

“I look forward to coming to the group. It is the only thing I do which is just for me. It’s great to know I am not alone.”

Mother of a son misusing drugs

Please support Scottish Families and give the gift of hope this Christmas.  Together we can improve the lives of families across Scotland.

Click on the Christmas gift to may a secure online donation now.  You can also give by texting SFAD02 and your amount, i.e. SFAD02 £10, to 70070.  To donate by post please send your cheque to 21 Elmbank Street, Glasgow G2 4PB.

  • A £5 donation – Provides 1-2-1 support for a family member
  • A £10 donation – Enables family members to come together for a family support meeting
  • A £15 donation – Supports the continued dedication of Scottish Families volunteers
  • A £25 donation – Allows the Scottish Families Helpline to assist families in crisis
  • A £50 donation – Contributes to an opportunity of reprieve for family members; an activity allowing family members a moment to focus on themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to share the Christmas spirit and bring joy to others this holiday season.

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