Volunteering Blog

Iona joined our volunteer family in May 2018 – here’s a little bit about how why she chose to apply and what she thinks about volunteering with Scottish Families:

‘I chose to volunteer on the helpline because I felt I wanted to do something valuable with my spare time when not at work and to gain some real experience in supporting people in need. Scottish Families appealed to me because of the flexibility of working from home and because of the friendly welcome I was given when enquiring. The training was so interesting and insightful and Sooze who carried out our training has been there for help and support every step of the way.

‘When I felt a little nervous after my first few shifts, Sooze arranged for us to meet and talked me through any of my anxieties giving me a great boost of confidence. She is always there to provide assistance and feedback.

‘It is extremely rewarding to speak to people looking for support and feel that you have helped them move a step in the right direction. I was nervous at first but my experience has been that people are genuinely grateful to have a listening ear and someone to provide them with information or services they may have been unable to find themselves. I would recommend anyone with a few spare hours a week to volunteer with Scottish Families.’

If you are interested in applying to be a helpline volunteer with us, please contact suzanne@sfad.org.uk who will talk you through the role and answer any questions you may have.

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