Facilitating a Support Group 

The Facilitating a Support Group course supports individuals who are currently facilitating a support group or are considering taking on the role. The course covers setting up, facilitating and evaluating a family support group.

By completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Recognise and understand the role of the facilitator in peer-led family support
  • Identify and develop group ground rules and appropriate policies and procedures such as confidentiality and safeguarding
  • Discuss and identify potential challenges in the group and the best ways to resolve these
  • Identify key planning skills to structure and manage support group meetings
  • Identify ways of getting feedback from group members to make sure they are getting the right support


The Facilitating a Support Group course is £500 for a half-day of training with a max of 15 participants.

Further Information

We have worked with families and organisations that help and support families for over fifteen years. We have been given invaluable information from family members to be able to provide these courses to the alcohol, drug and wider workforce, and to have people living with someone else’s alcohol or drug use recognised and supported.

Depending on exact requirements and expenses, generally, our courses are £500 for a half-day course or £900 for a full-day course.  Each course can take up to fifteen members of staff. For larger groups, we can run two half-day courses for the full-day rate.

We can deliver learning & development online using Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and to address screen fatigue the ½ day delivery is broken down into two separate 2-hour sessions which can be scheduled normally a week apart. The delivery via two separate 2-hour sessions further ensures the integrity of the training is not diluted.

How to Book

If you would like some further information or would like to book onto the course contact us at training@sfad.org.uk or 0141 465 7523.

You can also fill out our training enquiry form.

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