Family Inclusive Practice 

Are you interested in an in-depth look at how best to include families in your work? 

Family Inclusive Practice is about how professionals in the workforce actively involve a person’s family and social networks in their care, are proactive in asking about the needs of the whole family, and make sure all family members are supported. 

This course is designed to be an in-depth look at all aspects of families support needs, what we are aiming for within Scotland, and how practitioners can adapt innovative approaches to best include families. 

This course is designed for members of the workforce.  

This includes: practitioners working in the drug and alcohol support sector; healthcare professionals; social workers; service managers; volunteers; and students. 

What do we cover?

By completing this training, you will be able to: 

  • Define family inclusive practice. 
  • Recognise family inclusive practice in relation to the evidence base, ROSC development and the Quality Principles in service delivery. 
  • Recognise the value of lived experience of family members and their support needs. 
  • Develop an understanding of the required qualities and skills to effectively engage with families. 
  • Identify opportunities to include families to support whole family recovery. 
  • Identify practical strategies to work with families and overcome barriers to family engagement. 

Why is this important?

Including and supporting families is a key focus in Scotland and is associated with positive outcomes for everyone. 

This course helps to explore the small, manageable steps practitioners can take towards achieving this and strive towards true family-inclusion. 


The Family Inclusive Practice course is £500 for a half-day of training with a max of 15 participants.

Further Information

We have worked with families and organisations that help and support families for over fifteen years. We have been given invaluable information from family members to be able to provide these courses to the alcohol, drug and wider workforce, and to have people living with someone else’s alcohol or drug use recognised and supported.

Depending on exact requirements and expenses, generally, our courses are £500 for a half-day course or £900 for a full-day course.  Each course can take up to fifteen members of staff. For larger groups, we can run two half-day courses for the full-day rate.

We can deliver learning & development online using Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and to address screen fatigue the ½ day delivery is broken down into two separate 2-hour sessions which can be scheduled normally a week apart. The delivery via two separate 2-hour sessions further ensures the integrity of the training is not diluted.

How to Book

If you would like some further information or would like to book onto the course contact us at

You can also fill out our training enquiry form.

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