Martha Rae – Telehealth & Bereavement Coordinator

I am Martha. I am new to head office but not new to the organisation having worked remotely in Forth Valley for the past two years. Now I am in the office my main aims are to convince my team that having dogs in the office is a good idea and that I am a good vegan- so far I am failing in both! I love people, talking, stationary, eating and dogs. The first three are covered with my job; I get to eat everyday which is great and I am at my happiest at meal times; but I’m yet to figure out a convincing argument for having my loud and clingy dog in the office. Any ideas would be greatly received.

I started with Scottish Families in 2015 as a Family Support Development Officer with the Forth Valley Family Support Service. I have worked with some really incredible people out in Forth Valley, both from other organisations and the family members themselves. I really enjoyed working with families on a one to one basis as you can really get to know the family member, but my favourite part of this role was the groupwork. Despite the fact that often the topics being discussed are very heavy, the groups can be fun and it is a great opportunity for families to meet each other and learn from each other and can help to reduce the self-stigma that many families unfortunately still feel. The only thing I won’t miss about Forth Valley is my commute! I spent a lot of time in my car travelling back and forth from Glasgow and when I spend too much time by myself I tend to go a little bit mad! It is nice in my new role to be able to cycle or walk to work and to have a team to talk to – they may not agree! My husband is also incredibly happy to have the car boot back which has been my office storage for the past two years.

In my new role I am coordinating the telehealth and bereavement services within Scottish Families. This is a new challenge for me and certainly an opportunity to develop my skills and experience- and I finally have a desk! I love that I can still work closely with family members in this role and have loads of ideas on how to develop these services further so that we can reach more families and offer support.

Other than that I shall continue my love of an inspirational quote, singing, weird metaphors for life and my crusade for saving the animals- if only I could stop eating chocolate caramel crispy bites (FYI: not vegan! Who knew?!)

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