Minimum Unit Pricing Decision

The European Court of Justice today ruled that minimum unit pricing can be used provided it is more effective than taxation.

Commenting today on the ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on minimum unit pricing Scottish Families CEO Christine Duncan said:

“Scottish Families welcomes the decision today of the ECJ in relation to minimum unit pricing confirming that it can be used to address Scotland’s continuing alcohol problems provided it is more effective than taxation.

The decision of the ECJ is a welcome one as last year Scotland saw an increase in alcohol sales and the number of alcohol related deaths. Minimum unit pricing targets the cheapest, strongest alcohol which has the most damaging effects on individuals, families and communities. The decision is particularly welcome with increasing evidence and awareness of alcohol’s harm to others; many family members tell us that access to high strength, low cost alcohol contributes to their anxieties for a loved one’s recovery. Minimum unit pricing, along with appropriate support for families, will contribute to reducing the significant burdens faced by families affected by a loved one’s problematic use of alcohol”.

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