NEW – The Family Recovery Initiative Fund

A new fund is now available for families. If you are involved in a local family support group whose aim is to support families affected by alcohol or drugs or you are thinking about starting a new local group in your area, the Family Recovery Initiative Fund wants to hear from you.

The Fund offers one-off grants of up to £1,500 and is open to groups (family support groups, carer groups) and to people looking to start their own local group. The Fund has been supplied by the Scottish Government Substance Misuse Unit and will be administered by Corra Foundation with support from Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs.

“Recovery is not just about the person, recovery can’t happen without family recovery as well.”

“I’ve got two families – my family at home and the group family.”

We hold high hopes for the families of Scotland to be recognised, included, supported, connected to communities and to be a movement for change. How could this fund help your family support group do that? Take a look at our Family Recovery Ideas Map to get your thinking started. We hope that this fund will help existing family support groups to grow and develop, that it will provide the basics needed for new groups to start and that it will help families affected by alcohol and drugs across Scotland to know that they stand alongside others who know how they feel, listen to what they have to say and who will share both their stories of struggle and their stories of hope.

To find out more and apply for the fund contact Scottish Families tel: 0141 465 7523 / email:

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