Our staff’s self-care routines

Self-care has become a bit of a buzzword recently, but that’s a good thing. We should be focusing more on ourselves, our emotions and our wellbeing. Working at Scottish Families means the team is supporting families and friends and encouraging them to spend more time for themselves, taking a break and taking a step back from everything happening in their lives and just care for themselves. Even if it’s a cup of tea or a walk around the block.

Our staff team are also very hard workers and have full diaries mostly every single week. Some days you may be able to be in the office and get through a big pile of work, other days you’re up in Highlands or down at the Scottish Borders doing loads of working and connecting – pretty hectic!

So what do our staff team do for self-care?

Suzie – ‘I have a self-care Sunday once a fortnight (the other Sundays I’m at River Garden). These self-care Sundays are my day for my hair treatment (Olaplex) and I paint my nails and watch crap TV.’

Susie – ‘I play the piano – I really enjoy getting lost in it. I do like to escape into a good Netflix box set but the jury is out as to whether that is really self-care sometimes. I should probably be in bed instead of watching the next episode!’

John – ‘I like to bake bread, I find the dough work quite therapeutic. Also, I love hill walks and beach walks. I found my new favourite thing ever – the Irvine beach clean-up crew @irvinebeach on Twitter. I was there at the weekend with the most amazing volunteers who have been nominated for a North Ayrshire Civic Pride Award. They have had folk come and help all over Scotland (as far away as Aberdeen) and they’ve had volunteers from Iceland helping. They’ve only been running a year and helping so many people get outside, connect, feel better and help the environment!

There’s also my garden, growing veg and looking after the bees! The bees keep me feeling relaxed. Sound strange but the collective buzz is really soothing – you can find your local beekeeping association on the Scottish Beekeepers Association website. I think the overall thing here is nature – nature is my self-care!’

Katie – ‘I like swimming and hillwalking!’

Rebecca – ‘I like photography so I enjoy going to different places on the train with my fiancé in tow and taking loads of photos. I also like to read, cuddle my cats and listen to music constantly!’

Claire – ‘I play netball (very badly) and watch trashy, reality, mind-numbing TV under the pretext that I’m just watching it to bond with my teenagers.’

Justina – ‘I do enjoy the value of a boxset – am still recovering from series 1 of Killing Eve which I’ve just watched, fantastic! Also swimming, walking (apart from training for the Kiltwalk which was stressful trying to get the miles in), and over the past year I have been much more disciplined about making time to see friends for dinner, etc. – always involves some planning ahead. That’s been good for the soul, less so for the wallet!’

Lynne – ‘I am also a binge-watch believer, but I agree sometimes it would be better if I had more control over my impulse to just let the next episode play. I’ve recently tried yoga for the first time with amazing results. 1) I could actually do it and 2) it cleared a lingering headache which hasn’t returned!

I tap dance badly, there is something therapeutic about the noise of the shoes. I try to Zumba which is brilliant fun even if I don’t manage often it’s always a boost.

I watch/attend a lot of comedy show/gigs with my hubby which adds to the self-care value as it helps us help each other as well. Finally, I love nothing more than time with friends/family and I make that a priority anything from going on holiday together, spa days, out for walks, coffee, and cake, Skype, long telephone calls, dinner – all good in my book!’

Scott – ‘I enjoy going for a walk, especially near water (the sea or a river) as calming or maybe I just need to get a water feature for the garden. I also enjoy going for a cycle (when the weather is good and it’s on the flat!)’

Gill – ‘I go to the gym for self-care. I like instructor-led classes as they help me to clear my mind, more because I’m trying so hard to concentrate on following the leaf that I forget about anything that’s in my head and then feel like my mind has been cleared. I recently spoke to a man on Telehealth who said the same and stated that he feels like it gives his head a reset button which I thought was a great way of putting it. I also like a bit of retail therapy or fun in the park with the kids.’

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