Practical steps for coping with grief

Coping with the loss of a loved one is one of life’s greatest challenges. If you have lost someone who used alcohol or drugs, our bereavement service is here to support you. We can chat and offer some advice and information. We also can put you in touch with an accredited counsellor who is local to you. Our service is free and is available across Scotland.

To mark National Grief Awareness Day, leading bereavement charity, Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland, have shared with us five practical steps for living with and coping with grief. To tie in with the awareness day, the charity is supporting a campaign with Watermans Solicitors, to acknowledge the impact grief has and to encourage those who have experienced bereavement to get support. You can watch the animation that has been created as part of the campaign below.

1. Be willing to accept help from others

It’s not always easy opening up and being vulnerable but accepting help can be a huge support. It might mean having something to talk to but it could also mean that someone helps you with your shopping or helps you around the house. Having the help of another can go a long way in trying to make sense of the different emotions you might be feeling.

2. Keep memories alive

Remember the good times and share memories with friends and family. Don’t shy away from thinking and talking about all that you loved about someone. Visit places you loved going to with them. Even though they might not be there in person, their memories can live on.

3. Helping raise vital funds

Many take comfort in raising awareness and vital funds for a cause that’s close to their heart, or to the person they have lost. Keep it simple and host a bake sale, or volunteering could be another way to give back.

4. Be around others

Socialising is likely to be far from your mind but seeing friends or loved ones can be a welcome distraction. Don’t hesitate to let those around you know if and how you would like to talk about the loss you have experienced.

5. Stay active

Being active daily makes us feel good and can help you to think more clearly. A short walk can make a positive difference for your day ahead.

The grief campaign has been created by Watermans after they identified a need to support potential claimants who have suffered the sudden loss of a loved one following an accident that wasn’t their fault. The campaign sees short videos of a wife grieving the loss of her husband, a young woman who has lost a sibling, a grieving set of parents who have lost a child and a man who has lost his second parent.


Cruse Scotland:

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