Sarah Campbell – Fundraising Manager

I am the Fundraising Manager for Scottish Families, this means I look for money from all kinds of sources; collecting cans, events, donations from individuals, companies, runs, walks, trusts and grants – big or small all amounts are appreciated! People often say my job must be hard but actually I am blown away by how generous the people of Scotland are.

The biggest challenge for fundraising for Scottish Families is that a lot of people don’t understand that we are a charity and need to raise money to help provide our services. Funding is never certain so donations are very important to us. We have a small number of amazing supporters and we want this number to grow. Every time we get a new supporter or a new donation it means the world to us and the people we support.

Fundraising for our charity is important for three reasons :

  1. It helps keep our local and national services running
  2. It helps raise the profile of the work that we do, helping to tackle the stigma that still can surround drug and alcohol misuse and
  3. It is fun! Whether you set yourself a personal goal, organise a social event or do something completely wacky and out there, why not try getting involved in fundraising for Scottish Families?

I would love to hear your fundraising ideas or share some of ours.

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