Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) – Press Release on New Drink Drive Limit

EMBARGO 00.01 Hours Friday 5th December 2014 

Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems

Scottish Health Action On Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) Welcomes Reduction in Drink Drive Limit

Eric Carlin, Director, Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems, said:

“Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems welcomes the reduction in the drink drive limit that comes into force today. This is a measure we fully support that will save lives and increase safety on Scotland’s roads. Even a small amount of alcohol can impair your ability to drive so if you’re going to be driving, it is safer not to drink at all.”

Dr Peter Rice, Chairperson, Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems, said:

“The reduction in the blood alcohol limit brings Scotland into line with most European nations, and evidence from the Republic of Ireland has shown a reduction in road fatalities at the same lower limit. People need to think very carefully if they are planning to drive the day after drinking alcohol. As individuals absorb and metabolise alcohol at different rates, dependent on a whole range of factors, it is very difficult to predict how quickly your body will be free from alcohol the following day. Drinks can be deceptive, with many beers increasing in alcoholic strength over recent years along with the size of wine glasses. The best option if you’re driving is not to take the risk and drink nothing at all.”

Notes to Editors:

Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) is the medical and clinical voice on alcohol in Scotland.

Contact: Vanessa Taylor (Policy Officer, SHAAP) 07741 311507


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