Chris’s House

Chris’s House stands for ‘Centre of Help, Response and Intervention Surrounding Suicide’ and has been set up to offer a safe environment where people in crisis may have a respite from their current unwellness, by finding refuge in Chris’s House and involvement in an individually tailored programme to offer support and respite through their journey.  We will work in partnership with other established agencies to offer the best possible care.  Our guests will be assigned to a volunteer who will develop a strong rapport with the guest to help them through the crisis and support them to counter depression, negative and despairing thoughts and exchange reasons for dying with reasons for living. We truly listen to our guests and offer them as much input into their journey as possible. It’s your care you deserve to be listened to

Contact Details

Phone Number : 01698 373570 or 01236 766755
Email :
Website :
Address : 2-4 Belhaven Road Wishaw
Post Code : ML27NZ

Services Offered

  • Mental Wellbeing Support & Services

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