Mid and East Lothian Drugs (MELD) – Dalkeith

MELD aims to reduce the harm associated with substance use by providing free and confidential services for individuals whose lives are affected by drugs and alcohol. Provided in a variety of settings across Mid and East Lothian services include ;

  • information, advice,
  • support,
  • client work with a counselling approach,
  • needle exchange/naloxone
  • BBV testing
  • family support,
  • working with offenders,
  • group work and auricular acupuncture.

The Family Support Service will work with any adult affected by a loved one’s substance use. This support includes a one to one counselling approach, drugs education, complimentary therapies and stress management and a group work programme that takes place across Mid and East Lothian.

MELD offer Auricular Acupuncture sessions from our offices in Dalkeith. Auricular Acupuncture is a recognised and effective treatment within the substance use field. Attendance is by referral only and MELD also plan to reintroduce another group in East Lothian.

MELD deliver SMART Recovery groups across Mid and East Lothian with a clear focus on an individual’s recovery using the SMART Model.

MELD offer other short term groups and previous courses have included well-being, activities, educational and computer groups. For further infromation on any of the above or to enquire about our current group work programme please contact MELD direct.

Contact Details

Phone Number : 0131 285 9553
Email : info@meld-drugs.org.uk
Website : https://www.meld-drugs.org.uk/
Address : Number 11 11 St Andrew Street Dalkeith
Post Code : EH22 1AL

Services Offered

  • Adult Alcohol Treatment
  • Adult Drug Treatment
  • Blood Borne Viruses (HIV HepC Hepatitis)
  • Family Support (1 to 1 support)
  • Harm Reduction
  • Mutual Aid
  • Naloxone Provider
  • Needle Exchange

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