Service Update – 20th March 2020
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect all our lives, many services will have stopped or will be running on reduced capacity. Due to the ever-changing guidelines and advice we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contact information of services in our directory at this time.

COVID – Shetland Substance Misuse Recovery Service (SMRS)

Contact Details

Phone Number :
01595 743006

Address :
Mental Health Dept Lerwick Health Centre South Road Lerwick Shetland

Post Code :

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Covid Update

  • NHS based service.
  • Local services are still in operation.
  • SMRS can be contacted by telephone on 01595 743006
  • Kantersted Pharmacy is providing sterile injecting equipment in the same way as usual
  • If you are experiencing barriers to services at this time and feel that you need to get in touch with the ADP – please do so. Either via Facebook messenger or by email or

Service provision

Provides support and/or structured treatment to individuals who either have their own substance use issues or are affected by someone else’s.  This is provided by a team which are based within the mental health team.  Support available from;

  • Substance Misuse Nurses
    • Substitute Prescribing & Alcohol Detox
  • Substance Misuse CPN
  • Substitute Prescribing GP
  • GP with Specialist Interest in Dual Diagnosis (mental health and addiction)
  • Support Worker

Services they provide are Drop in informal support, Needle Exchange, Family Support Groups – FABA Group), Recovery Groups and Young Person services

Services Offered

  • Adult Alcohol Treatment
  • Adult Drug Treatment
  • Harm Reduction
  • Needle Exchange
  • Young Persons Alcohol Treatment
  • Young Persons Drug Treatment

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