Welcome to Telehealth.  When you have spoken with our Helpline advisors and a referral has been made to our Family Support Team you will be allocated to one of our Telehealth interventionists.  If you have opted for support via video conferencing or webchat then you will access each of these support streams online.

Your appointment – video conferencing

When you have been allocated an appointment time and will be speaking to your Telehealth interventionist via video conferencing you will access our waiting area here At your allocated appointment time your interventionist will invite you into a secure video chat.  Please note this platform requires access via Google Chrome or Safari web browsers.  You can download our video conferencing appointment guide here.

Your appointment – webchat

If your appointment is via webchat then you will be invited into your own private chat room and this can be accessed via the private chatroom page here.  To access this private chat you need to be logged in to this website as a user.  You can log in from the top right hand corner of this screen.

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