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Routes is our youth work programme which supports young people aged 12-26 years affected by alcohol and drugs within their family.

Routes is currently only available in East and West Dunbartonshire, where, for the past 4 years, it has been co-produced in collaboration with the young people it supports. The views of the young people are central to everything we do.

We offer a combination of one-to-one and group support, running alongside a busy programme of activities and trips, including cookery classes, arts and crafts, snowboarding, go karting and so much more!

The young people chose the name, ‘Routes’ as they wanted to acknowledge the importance of their roots (where they’ve come from) but recognise their families’ actions do not necessarily define the route they take in life.

“Your life in the past doesn’t have to be your life in the future. Over time I realised I can change my life and make my future the best future. Make it the life I’ve always wanted.” – Routes Young Person

The Routes model encourages young people to have hope and aspirations. With the right support, young people can escape the cycle of chaos and trauma, taking a very different path, towards a positive future.

As many of our young people have faced numerous trauma in their lives, they can understandably take a long time to trust professionals. There is no time limit to their involvement with Routes, which allows positive, person-centred relationships to develop between the workers and the young people, this is fundamental to the success of Routes.

“I know its late but I don’t think I have ever told you how much you have actually saved my life in so many ways, I wouldn’t have the job I have now if it wasn’t for you sticking to me and being like a parent I never had, you shaped my life into something I didn’t know could happen. This time last year I didn’t think I was gonna make it through to this year. You have a very special place in my heart xx” – Text from Routes Young Person to their worker

Routes has been a phenomenal success, with incredible feedback from the young people, their parents and professionals, including teachers and social workers.

If you are interested in hearing more about Routes, you can contact the Programme Manager Claire Wadsworth on

If you’d like to know more about Routes and how it was developed with young people, you can read our ‘If It Wasn’t For Routes’ report here.

What Does Routes Mean To You?

Below is a podcast from young people and our staff team from Routes talking about what the programme means to them.

Activities with Routes

You can find out more about Routes and our young people on our Twitter @SFADRoutesYP

Meet the Team

Our team from left to right: Angela Rushton-Clark, Claire Wadsworth, Pam Burns, Anna Littlejohn, Charli Shand, Jess Goddard and Kelsey Craig.

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