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At the beginning of 2019, we launched our new national young person’s project in East and West Dunbartonshire, working alongside both East and West Dunbartonshire Alcohol and Drug Partnerships and local organisations.

The project has a co-production approach, supporting and working with 12-26-year-olds affected by someone else’s alcohol or other drug use, to design and test out what works best to support this age group.

The young people named the project ‘Routes’ because they felt their ‘roots’ were important but they did not define the ‘route’ their life should follow. Instead, that is down to them with the choices they make and the support they receive.

Many young people have made strong friendships with each other, and other young people have taken one-to-one support until they feel confident enough to come along to the groups.

Knowing that everyone is there for similar reasons means that they don’t feel shame, isolation, and stigma that has followed many of them around for most of their childhood.

The group meets weekly and there are many activities including football training, photography workshops, cooking classes, and much more.

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