We want to make sure that everyone has an easy way to access support. We know some people will not be able to or will prefer not to access local support services and groups. Our Telehealth service is delivered easily over the phone and is available across Scotland. We can also deliver Telehealth by email, webchat and online – please note you will need to register to use the online service.

Through Telehealth, we offer listening and emotional support and we use the evidence-based programme CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training).

What is CRAFT?

Community Reinforcement and Family Training can teach you ways of helping the person they care about to change and to feel better themselves. It encourages you to change the way you interact with the person you care for in order to positively influence them to change.Read our Little Book of CRAFT here, it includes information on positive communication and boundary settings. The three main goals of CRAFT are:

  1. Encouraging someone who may not recognise that they have a problem or refuse to get help to access treatment.
  2. Help to reduce someone’s alcohol or drugs use, whether or not they access treatment yet.
  3. Improving the lives of the concerned family member or friend.
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Your privacy

We collect personal information from you when you call our helpline and if you are referred onto our Telehealth service. Full details can be read in our Support Service Policy Notice.

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