Taking part in a study exploring the impact of Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP)

Do you work with children, young people and families affected by others’ (e.g. parents, siblings, carers) alcohol use. Would you like to participate in a study into the impact of minimum Unit pricing in Scotland?

NHS Health Scotland are doing this study to understand the possible role MUP may have in protecting children and young people from harms from others’ alcohol consumption. They are interested in views such as:

  • whether they perceive any changes in parent/carer or sibling alcohol consumption or other behaviours since the introduction of MUP in May 2018
  • what things might have contributed to any changes within these complex family environments
  • the potential implications for children and young people (positive or negative).

Taking part will involve you participating in a focus group with 6-8 of your colleagues (either working in the same team or those that already work closely together).  Each focus group will take between 1 – 1. 5 hours and will be at a time and venue most convenient for participants. You will not be asked to discuss individual families at any point.

Your participation will contribute to helping us to build up a picture of the potential impacts on children and young people of MUP. This work will complement a range of other MUP studies and inform the review of MUP that the Scottish Government is required to make before 2024.

If you have any more questions about the study please contact Jane Ford (jane.ford3@nhs.net or 0141 414 2738).

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