The Renfrewshire Family Recovery College 2022 – Information Sessions

The Family Recovery College (FRC) course is back 30th April 2022 for people living in Renfrewshire! You can attend our information sessions on Tuesday 5th April 2022 10am-11.30am or Monday 11th April 6pm-7.30pm to learn more about the college. Contact Debra / 07379830357 for any enquiries. If you do not live in Renfrewshire but would like to attend the College, let Debra know and we will see what we can do.

What is the Family Recovery College?

The FRC offers a free informal 12-week online course, Understanding Substance Use and Holding on to Hope, for anyone living in Scotland concerned about someone else’s alcohol or drug use. We will support you to build knowledge, skills, and confidence to support yourself and your loved one.

Students on the course will:

  • Increase their positive connection with others
  • Develop communication strategies to improve relationships
  • Improve self-care and emotional wellbeing
  • Improve understanding of substance use through new knowledge and skills
  • Feel empowered to influence change in their lives and the lives of their loved one

Family members and friends often take on the primary role of caring for or supporting their loved ones. Due to the secrecy, shame and stigma of supporting a loved one with an alcohol/drug problem, often there is little acknowledgement or support for those doing the supporting. Many people find themselves experiencing long-term mental health and physical health conditions, often related to the challenges and stress of their caring role. We hope that the Family Recovery College will help students feel empowered to support themselves and their loved ones.

“I feel that I have benefitted from the recovery aspect and I am now more able to identify my priorities regarding self-care.”  – Students on the 2019 course

What will the course cover?

The course will cover the most up-to-date information and knowledge of drug and alcohol use. We will hear from family and friends who have lived/living experiences. We will run a series of sessions on positive communication based on the CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) principles. We will spend time thinking about our self-care and well-being. We will discuss stigma and think about what it means for us, our loved ones and our community.

Who can attend the course? 

Anyone aged 16 years and older affected by another person’s drug or alcohol use is welcome to attend. That includes biological and non-biological families, LGBT+ people and families, families with or without children, friends, partners, siblings, young people, older people, foster carers, kinship carers, neighbours, work colleagues, etc.

We hope to make the Family Recovery College accessible to all. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything additional we can do to make you feel welcomed and included.

The programme is certificated by Scottish Families as the Scottish Government’s Nationally Commissioned Organisation (NCO) for families affected by addiction. 

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