Tips for Walking the Kiltwalk from #TeamSFAD

Walking the Kiltwalk with us this year? Excellent! On behalf of everyone at Scottish Families, thank you for joining #TeamSFAD on the walk!

Below are some tips on getting started with your sponsorship and some tips and tricks for the day.

A photo of two women and two young girls cheering at the Glasgow Kiltwalk for Scottish Families
#TeamSFAD Walkers 2018

How do I get started with sponsorship?

We usually get asked this question because it can be tricky and quite daunting, but don’t worry, we have three little steps to get you started.

    1. Send an email or text to the five people to speak to most – this can be family, friends, colleagues, people at the gym, etc. Say how important the Kiltwalk is to you, why you are walking and ask them to sponsor you.


    1. Once these first donations are in, send a text or email to the next five people closest to you (or you can ask the people who sponsored you to share it with their friends and family). Ask them to help and say why you want them to sponsor you.


  1. If you’re using an online fundraising page, once it’s up and running with some donations, post it on your social media channels! When people in your wider circle see that your page is doing well, they are more likely to contribute. It’s weird but a true fundraising fact!

How do I get more sponsorship?

  1. Personalise your page
    Upload a picture of yourself and tell people why you are taking part in the Kiltwalk. Is it for personal reasons? Are you trying to get fit? Celebrating a big milestone like a birthday? What your motivation is, tell people about it.
  1. Set a reasonable target
    People love it when you smash your goal and are happy to keep giving, even when you’ve reached your target.
  1. Get creative
    Share your online fundraising page as much as possible – text, Facebook, Twitter, etc. When you’re asking for donations, make it interesting and fun! Take pictures of your training walks, update everyone on how many steps you have taken. Even wear your Scottish Families t-shirts for a #TeamSFAD selfie!
  1. Make a match
    If you are in a workplace that offers match funding, your company may be able to match your donations. Your boss may even be willing to give you a donation to help you reach your goal.
  1. Go offline
    It is worth carrying the paper sponsorship form you are given from us wherever you go. This way you can ask people when you see them to make a donation (it makes it harder to say no!) All the cash you collect can be given to a member of Scottish Families staff or paid directly into the charity’s bank account.

Remember – whether you raise £100 or £1000, every penny you raise will go to our support services, helping us provide support for thousands of families across Scotland. Every time you talk about taking part in the Kiltwalk with Scottish Families, you are helping to spread the word about the work we do. Thank you!

Our tips for taking on the Kiltwalk

A group of men and women with their medals for finishing the Dundee Kiltwalk 2017
#TeamSFAD Walkers 2017
    • Try and so as much training before as you can. It can be really hard to fit in long walks into a busy schedule, but try and get at least a couple of hour’s strolls in before the big day.


    • Test your shoes. Do not wear new shoes on the day – your poor feet won’t stand a chance! We always say to wear trainers or appropriate walking shoes.


    • Plan your kit. Walking with a bag is added effort, so plan what you need to take in advance and make sure you pack light. Justina our CEO made sure to pack extra homemade granola bars and bottles of water with her. There are snacks and drinks always provided on the way, but we firmly believe in emergency food because you never know when you’re going to need that extra Nutri Grain to see you through!


    • Think about the weather. Let’s face it, in Scotland, you cannot and will not ever be able to predict the weather. There’s rain even when it is sunny. Take an extra waterproof layer with you, as well as some sunscreen and sunglasses.


  • Have a blister care kit. Stock up on blister pads and keep them in your bag. You never know when one of those bad boys will strike. Double layer socks, use Vaseline, have tape, etc. there are many options to prevent blisters, so do some research and see what suits your toes best.

We are really excited about the Kiltwalk and can’t wait to meet all the new faces who have signed up to walk with us this year.

There’s still some time to get yourself signed up to walk with #TeamSFAD if you haven’t already. Visit our website and sign-up here –

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