Volunteering with Scottish Families

Ashleigh first started volunteering with Scottish Families in October 2018 to help with work experience for university.

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Hi, I’m Ashleigh. I first started volunteering as a helpline adviser for Scottish Families in October 2018 because I was looking for extra work experience for my university studies.

Before volunteering with Scottish Families, I had never worked on a helpline before. It seemed daunting at first, I was so nervous that I would say the wrong thing or not be able to fully support the person contacting the helpline. But I soon realised the mere importance of my presence – the fact that I am just there to even listen to someone contacting the helpline is enough.

It seems such a small duty but the difference it can make to someone else to help make them feel they are not alone is incredible. To know that I am the light at the end of someone’s dark tunnel is so rewarding and fulfilling and it makes volunteering all so worthwhile and you can do it comfortably from your own home!

Scottish Families is an amazing organisation to volunteer for and I would recommend to anyone that they should become a volunteer if they can. The experiences you can gain are simply invaluable.

– Ashleigh

To join Ashleigh and our volunteering team contact suzanne@sfad.org.uk. You can read more in the role description.

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