Why Are We Surprised? Poem by Karen MacDonald

Some of our family member’s have been attending My Support Day’s online writing group that runs every Monday between 1pm-2pm (contact melaniemcpherson155@googlemail.com for more info).

This group has been teaching family members to use poetry and writing to share their thoughts and help with their mental wellbeing.

It has resulted in this lovely poem by Karen MacDonald:


Why are we surprised

When dark clouds come?

When grey banks of them

Build on the horizon, menacing,

Threatening storms to come?

Why are we surprised?

Is not life like nature?

There are seasons,

Spring, all full of green,

Summer, bright and filled with flowers,

Autumn, full of gold and red,

And Winter, grey and bleak, but

Tempered nonetheless with warmth

From glowing fires and Christmas.

Sometimes Nature

Can be terrifying. Overwhelming.

Tornadoes sweep across the land,

Whirlwinds wreak their havoc,

Volcanoes spew out toxic death.

Earthquakes shake

The very ground beneath our feet.

So it is with alcohol or drugs.

The family, once warmed by summer sun,

Content, at peace,

Is torn apart, the fabric of our lives

In shreds. Trust is gone. Nothing

Is as it was. Fear stalks us all

Like some controlling monster.

Why are we surprised?

We’ve seen it all before

In other people’s lives.

But not in ours! Surely not in ours?

Have faith.

The tornado WILL die down.

The whirlwind WILL move on.

The volcano WILL subside.

The ‘quake WILL settle.

Summer sun WILL shine again.

It always does in nature.

Just wait, and do not be surprised. Ⓒ Karen McCuaig MacDonald

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