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Have you ever wondered how you can get involved and give back to Scottish Families? Could you share your experience to help others and encourage them into support you? We are looking for family members who would like to give input into our work in a structured way. To gain new skills and new experiences from campaigning to social media, writing and public speaking skills, and be an integral part of our organisation.

We want open-minded and positive people to represent our charity to help raise awareness of the needs of families impacted by someone else’s alcohol or drug use, the support we offer, and help us to raise money so that we can continue supporting families across Scotland. Family Champions will be given opportunities throughout the year to be involved in community events, fundraising and media. Volunteer hours will be given to suit your availability and all roles are flexible.

We welcome applications from a diverse group of people – whether directly involved in our support services and fundraising, or interested in knowing more about the work we do. If you have any concerns regarding accessibility needs or additional support needs for the role, please let us know and we can try our best to accommodate this. Any concerns or problems can be discussed in confidence and regular support is offered.

You will be reporting to the Volunteering Team who can be contacted at

In return for your volunteering, you will be offered both in-house and external training opportunities, all out-of-pocket expenses paid, regular one-to-one support and review meetings, and a Scottish Families T-shirt!

Registration Form

Please apply using the form below and our Volunteering Team will be in touch with you soon with more information. If the form below does not work for you, you can use this link.

Opportunities and Role Descriptions 

Helpline Volunteer

You will be helping people who are struggling through difficult and emotionally complex times and this could be their first opportunity to receive support, making a big difference in their lives. Our goal is to capitalise on this contact, ensuring they receive robust emotional support as well as practical advice and guidance when signposting and referring to appropriate services. The full description can be read here.

You can apply directly for the Helpline Volunteer role through this form.

Support at fundraising and local events

We are looking for people to help at awareness stalls and with promoting our services in local areas. This can be an opportunity to work alongside staff to chat about what we do and the impact we have on your communities to raise awareness of our work and the needs of families. We also need supporters for events like the annual Kiltwalk, recovery events, regular bucket collections, and other ways in which you can play a vital role in helping our Connecting Families and Fundraising team.

This role would be suitable for anyone interested in our organisation and the work that we do, good communicators and those who want to play an active role in their community.

Volunteer Speaker

We are looking for people to share their stories and experiences, speaking on behalf of the charity for a variety of different events and/or training. You would act as an ambassador for Scottish Families and have an opportunity to represent and advocate for the viewpoints of other family members at different events. This would be an opportunity for those with lived experience of having a family member use drugs or alcohol. This may be more suited to those who have been through support services or have some experience of the work that we do first-hand.

Scottish Families would offer support throughout this ensuring every volunteer is safeguarded when sharing stories. 

Media Roles  

Do you want to gain some experience in creating social media content? Do you enjoy filming reels, creating graphics, and promoting our services through posting online? Would you be interested in contributing to articles for our website or the media? This could involve speaking to the media to raise awareness of the impact drugs and alcohol use can have on family members. You can be contributing to interviews, surveys, and questionnaires and will be our first port of call when discussing and hearing family views in the public space.

This would be most suitable for those interested in developing skills in media and social media. This would also be appropriate for those with lived experience and a good understanding of the experiences of family members in general.

Forth Valley Befriending Project

This project is for people who live in the Forth Valley area.

This will be based on:

  • Volunteers regularly meet with a matched family member, to build a relationship of friendship, and trust, and enjoy sociable outings.
  • Helping to reduce the stigma around alcohol and drug use and understand the impact that this can have on the family.
  • Encouraging engagement and working with family support groups to achieve this.

You will be able to help us create a befriending service which supports family members to improve self-confidence, emotional health and wellbeing, and reduce social isolation.

As a befriender, you will be expected to support a Scottish Families family member by providing a listening ear and creating connections built on understanding, trust, and kindness. You are expected to commit around 2/3 hours a week/fortnightly to spend time getting to know the family members, create connections, and enjoy social outings.

We want befrienders who are reliable, flexible and understanding of difficult family situations.

For our befriending roles with regular outgoings, we operate a float system for all activities and expenses. You would also be expected to complete a diary sheet after each visit and regularly attend supervision with our staff.

You will be able to correspond with staff and keep them informed of how things are going. You will also have regular check-ins and supervision to make sure that this is a positive volunteer experience for you.

If this sounds like you, please fill in our form here and we will be in touch.

Virtual Befriending 

We are looking for volunteers to become involved in our virtual befriending service. You can chat with family members from around Scotland through phone or video call from the comfort of your own home. 

As a virtual befriender, you will support a Scottish Families family member by providing listening support and creating strong relationships built on empathy, trust, and kindness.  

You would be expected to commit around 1 hour a week/fortnight and from any location.

We want befrienders who are friendly and have great listening and conversation skills. We are looking for people who are also reliable, flexible, and empathetic of difficult family situations due to substance use.  

You will be able to correspond with staff and keep them informed of how things are going. You will also have regular check-ins and supervision to make sure that this is a positive volunteer experience for you.

If this sounds like you, please fill in our form here and we will be in touch.

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