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About Scottish Families

Supporting families across Scotland

Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs is a national charity that supports anyone concerned about someone else’s alcohol or drug use in Scotland. We give information and advice to many people and help them with confidence, communication, general wellbeing, and we link them into local support. We also help people recognise and understand the importance of looking after themselves.

When we say family, we mean who you see as your family. It could be close and extended family members, friends, your friend’s family, colleagues, neighbours, anyone.

We were created in 2003 by families themselves who came together to support each other and campaign for recognition. We’ve grown a lot since then!

We support people through our helpline, bereavement support service, Telehealth (one-to-one support), and our family support services in Aberdeenshire, East Dunbartonshire, and Forth Valley. We also deliver workforce development through our training courses, communications and campaigning work, our young person’s project ‘Routes’ in East and West Dunbartonshire, and wider community development including our Connecting Families programme.

We have our own call to action in our strategic plan 2017-20 ‘It’s All Relativeand we work to five main outcomes:

  • Families are supported
  • Families are included
  • Families are recognised
  • Families are connected to communities
  • Families are a movement for change

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Scotland surpasses 10,000 alcohol deaths in a decade

Tuesday 24th Nov, 2020

Scotland surpasses 10,000 alcohol deaths in a decade

With today’s release of the 2019 Alcohol-Specific Death statistics confirming a further 1,020 deaths last year, Scotland has reached a distressing total of over 10,000 alcohol deaths over the past 10 years. (2010-2019 total: 10,784[1]). Everything we have seen and heard about drinking patterns during COVID lockdown and the ongoing COVID restrictions suggests that alcohol […]

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Blog: How To Talk To Your Children About Alcohol

Monday 12th Oct, 2020

Blog: How To Talk To Your Children About Alcohol

Back in August, the Alcohol Health Alliance asked us to contribute to their blog on how to start a conversation with your child about alcohol. Our Senior Development Officer Claire Wadsworth was more than happy to share her top tips on opening up the conversation on drinking. We have cross-posted this blog with the original […]

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It's Everywhere - Family Stories about Alcohol Harm

Friday 25th Sep, 2020

It’s Everywhere – Family Stories about Alcohol Harm

For the Commission on Alcohol Harm, 2020 In September 2020, the Commission on Alcohol Harm launched their report ‘It’s everywhere’ – alcohol’s public face and private harm: The report of the Commission on Alcohol Harm (2020). This independent Commission was established to examine the current evidence on alcohol harm, recent trends in alcohol harm and […]

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Join our on-line community

Join our on-line community

Telehealth is our free 1:1 support service where support is given over the phone, through email, FaceTime or NHS Attend Anywhere. Telehealth sessions are typically an hour a week, and we offer up to 6 sessions. Telehealth can support you if you live in rural or remote locations, can’t travel far, cannot get childcare, or do not live near a support group or service. The quickest way to get in touch with us about Telehealth is through our helpline.

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