The Family Recovery Initiative Fund


The Family Recovery Initiative Fund offers one-off grants of up to £1500 to groups that support families affected by alcohol and drugs in Scotland. The Fund is designed to support independent groups led by family/ community members and is particularly keen to encourage applications from people wishing to set up a new group. The Fund also accepts applications from existing groups.

The aim of the Family Recovery Initiative Fund is to improve the wellbeing of family members affected by someone else’s substance misuse. Wellbeing is improved by social inclusion, because people connect with other people, can participate in group activities, and can access support.

The Family Recovery Initiative Fund is funded by the Scottish Government Substance Misuse Unit. It is administered by Corra Foundation with support from Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs (SFAD).

What can the funding support?

The Family Recovery Initiative Fund can support a variety of activities. Here are some examples:

Set up costs

To cover the set-up costs for a new family support group.

Running costs

To assist with group running costs such as room hire, heating and lighting.


To pay for training relevant to setting up and running a support group.


To meet the cost of organising family support group events.


To raise awareness of your group and its activities.


To enable group members to travel to events locally or nationally.


To fund activity costs such as paying people to run group sessions.


To link with other groups and share ideas locally and nationally.

For even more ideas have a look at this Scottish Families ideas map.


What difference has it made?

The Family Recovery Initiative Fund opened on 7th March 2018 and has received over 88 enquiries and 55 applications from family groups in 24 of the 30 Alcohol and Drug Partnership areas in Scotland.  To date, the fund has awarded a total of £63,352 to 45 different groups.

“When we heard about the fund we enquired because we wanted to stage a remembrance service this year as we haven’t been able to have one for four years, we were delighted to be successful and have already got a plan in action, working alongside other members of the Bereavement Group.

We believe in family recovery as we need to stick together and raise awareness and keep up the ongoing connections we have developed over the years.  As family members we have the right to our families being recognised as stakeholders in the recovery journey and be involved in our families’ recovery pathway where appropriate and be free from the stigma we experience within our communities.”

Family member and applicant to the Family Recovery Initiative Fund


If you are interested in applying for a grant from the Family Recovery Initiative Fund, the first step is to contact Susie McClue at Scottish Families to discuss your idea – 0141 465 7524. Please contact the main office 0141 465 7523 if Susie is unavailable.

Download Application Form

The Family Recovery Initiative Fund Application Form

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